Grizzly Bears of Alaska Photography Workshop

Grizzly Bears of Alaska Photography Workshop

Alaska Grizzy Bears Photography Workshop

Few animals in the terrestrial animal kingdom possess the presence, power and sheer awe of the Grizzly Bear. Since humankind and Grizzly Bears first shared the same hunting grounds, humans have regarded the Grizzly with a deep and innate respect. Revered and admired not only for its skill as a hunter and survivor, the Grizzly was also seen as a kindred spirit sharing many of the same communal traits and characteristics valued in human societies. Little has changed over time. To see and photograph a wild grizzly bear surrounded by the natural and isolated beauty that is Alaska is a treasured experience never to be forgotten. Join Aperture Academy on a unique and truly wild experience as we get you and your camera up close and personal with the Grizzly Bears of Alaska.

Timing and Mindset

We have strategically scheduled this workshop to coincide with the annual salmon runs at Lake Clark National Park. As a result, Grizzly Bears are plentiful. People are not. In fact, the lodge and surrounding land is privately owned. You will not be struggling for position with throngs of tourists like in other well known bear congregation areas found in Alaska. If you appreciate peace and solitude while utterly encompassed in Alaska's natural bounty, then this is the place for you. Fantastic opportunities to photograph bears as they fish for salmon, dig for clams, forage on grasses as well as cubs nursing, running and playing are high. Furthermore, at this time of year in Alaska, the daylight hours are long, very long. It's not uncommon to spend 12 hours in the field shooting, especially if the action is nonstop. Rest assured, we are there to put you in the right place at the right time with the best light possible. We will be working alongside you, guiding and advising you on wildlife technique, equipment, settings, exposure and composition as much or as little as you desire. You are the client and this is something we never forget. However, This is not the workshop for you if you are only interested in a few quick snap shots and then retiring to the lodge. Our goal is to get you professional quality images worthy of publication or gallery quality prints and that often takes concentration, patience, and plenty of field time.

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