Photographer of the Month Interview: Elleene Stone

Featured Photographer, August 2010:   Elleene Stone

This month, our featured guest is sports and art photographer, Elleene "Ellie" Stone. Her "passion for photography started at a very young age." And, for 10 years, she learned everything she could about processing images, from film to digital.

She greatly enjoys wedding photography and offers it as a service, but her love for photography is not limited to portraits. She has a real enthusiasm for macro, and nature photography, as well. After competing in triathlons and running races for about 11 years, she began combining those passions as well and has since been offering photography services for Sport events. She has a beautiful and diverse portfolio.

We want to thank Ellie for taking the time from her busy schedule to answer our questions and share with us! Please visit her website links to see more of her wonderful work, and to let her know you enjoyed her interview.

:: How did you get started in photography? ::

I've been interested in photography since I can remember. As a child, I would run around with my Dad's camera and take pictures of my dog and my horse, plus anything I thought looked interesting. When I graduated from high school, my father got me a nice Canon EOS 650 (35mm) with a couple of lenses as a graduation gift. That gift, coupled with my first job in a photo lab, are what really got me going.

:: Most photographers have an "ah ha" moment when things start to make sense; tell us about yours. ::

I'm not sure that there was one particular "ah ha" moment, but several moments. During my first photography workshop at Mt. Shasta, with Stephen Oachs and Brian Rueb, I learned a lot. Over one very long day and multiple awesome shooting locations, I really started to understand what components produce amazing images. When I returned home and started processing my images, I felt this renewed sense of excitement and passion for my photography.

:: From looking at your portfolio, it looks like you photograph a variety of subjects. Do you have a favorite? ::

My portfolio is pretty diverse, and I sometimes wonder if it should be honed down a bit. There are a lot of things that interest me, and this is reflected through my wide array of images. If I had to choose a favorite, at the moment it would be "macro" images. A month from now it may change to waterfalls ;)

:: What was the first photograph you ever sold? How did that feel? ::

The first photograph I ever sold was of a field of California poppies. It felt really amazing, and very fulfilling. I remember thinking, wow it's so cool that other people like my work. Feelings of pure Joy!

:: What do you enjoy most about photography, and why? ::

There are several things I enjoy about photography.

  1. Being in nature and spending hours that feel like minuets.
  2. Sharing my work with others and enjoying their feedback.
  3. Getting to do a little traveling and experiencing beautiful new places.

Photography brings me complete Joy and Happiness! It seems as though we all search for that "thing" which will make us "happy." For some it's a new car, for others it may be a diamond bracelet or a new pair of shoes. Those types of things bring only a temporary sense of happiness.

I just pick up the camera and walk around my yard, or maybe hop in the car for a short drive and "click" in to my happy place, behind the lens.

:: What is your goal with photography? Where would you like to go next? ::

My goal is to continue to learn new things, which include more about wedding photography techniques. Also to be able to share my current knowledge with others. I've heard that to "master," one must first teach.

There are a lot of fantastic images out there for me to capture and I will love every minute of the journey.

A favorite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson – "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."

Elleene "Ellie" Stone

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