South Carolina Photography Workshop

South Carolina Photography Workshop

South Carolina Photography Workshop

Landscape photography is amazing, and nature provides us plenty of opportunities to photograph various wonders throughout the United States, and our workshops make the most of a lot of those places. What if we could combine the wonder of landscape photography with the lore of rich history, and other unique cultural experiences? Well, we're always looking for new ways to provide our guests with not only amazing photographic options, and photography education, but also an amazing experience. We're sure you're going to LOVE our latest offering.

The south has an allure all its own, and culturally there are not many places better to visit than Charleston South Carolina. Charleston is a seaside city with enough charm and history to fuel an entire workshop. Join us as we explore the rich history and photographic opportunities in the city of Charleston and its surroundings.

We'll explore historical plantations and photograph the beautiful foliage and gardens that surround them. The iconic oak tree-lined driveways are amazing. These ancient trees have no doubt stood their ground for periods of incredibly diverse history. The textures in the bark and moss that have grown over them for decades, gives the image we create here a special feeling, and when photographed in the right can find beauty in areas that have been through less than beautiful periods of American history.

We'll spend time in the famous Outer Banks, looking at the various piers and bridges that help give this stretch of coastline its distinct personality. This stretch of the coastline boasts some of the best in photography options with places like the iconic Folly Beach Pier and in contrast, the barren and remote feeling of the coastal skeleton trees of Botany Bay. There's so much diversity to see in this region.

We'll also explore the wondrously beautiful Magnolia Gardens, where our cameras will look at grand architectural design, as well as the minute details found in the tiniest of plants. In addition, we'll explore many of the other historical properties in this area, the preserved, and the abandoned. The old Sheldon Church ruins are some of the most fascinating in the south, and our cameras will be on scene to capture images that tell the story of a time and place.

While summer in the south can be hot and muggy, we'll make our trip during the spring when the weather is more mild, and we're able to enjoy our time exploring. During our downtime, we'll get to feast on one of the south's richest traditions... FOOD. Charleston has no shortage of amazing food options, and we'll make sure our group meals are partaking in some of its best and most delicious options.

What are you going to do with all these images you're going to create? Our Instructors will take time on one of the days to help the group make the most of processing those images so that they look their best and are just waiting for you to return home to be printed!

Won't y'all come explore the wonders of the south with us as we open up a whole new photographic adventure!

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