Lake Tahoe Landscape Photography Workshop

Lake Tahoe 2-Day Landscape Photography Workshop

Lake Tahoe Photography Workshop

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas around. It's so nice that two states get to share it! Photographically this area has some of our favorite locations on the West Coast. Whether it's Lake Tahoe itself, or one of the nearby mountains, lakes, rivers, or waterfalls, there's truly something for everyone! One of the things that makes this area so unique is a lot of the areas we photograph aren't very far to walk. It's truly a workshop that looks out of this world without having to walk out of this world to get there.

During our workshop the goal is to work with you on whatever it is that you feel you need to improve. For beginners, we will work on learning to shoot in manual, and how different settings change the look of an image. For our more seasoned shooters we work on composition and the use of filters to balance a scene, and more! Everyone loves to learn how to take their images to another level, so we'll spend part of our day processing your images. We'll show you how to take GOOD images and make them GREAT images!

Wherever you are in your photographic journey, we'll help get you to the right place in the right light! If you feel like you know it all but just want a fun weekend out shooting some spectacular locations with like minded individuals...then this is a great place for that too! Our goal is to visit some of the iconic locations in the area as well as a few locations off the beaten path. If the light is amazing, who knows what surprises nature might throw our way! Within a short drive for most of northern california this is a perfect weekend get away workshop for everyone!

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