Joshua Tree Landscape and Star Trails Photography Workshop

Joshua Tree Landscape & Star Trails 2-Day Photography Workshop

Joshua Tree Landscape & Star Trails 2-Day Photography Workshop

Come join us for a new adventure, "Landscape by day, stars by night!"...

Joshua Tree National Park is special. Once to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles it really is the first stop where you no longer see the glow of the city when the sun drops at night. The sky gets so dark here that on clear nights you can see every star, and you realize how small you really are in the grand scale of the universe. Truly an amazing sight.

For that reason, photographers make Joshua Tree a destination to come work on night photography images. The park also boasts iconic and oddly egg-shaped boulders, along with Dr. Seuss shaped Joshua Trees that make for an extremely interesting subject matter to use in these night images.

This class is a perfect course for those looking to add night photographs to their portfolio, or for those just getting started with night photography and wanting to head out with likeminded individuals for fun and education in one of California's best spots for night photography.

We won't just photograph the stars either. What is a trip to Joshua Tree National Park without some time spent photographing those unique trees that gave the park its name! We'll spend sunrise and sunsets in the park photographing some of these iconic trees and the cacti gardens that make this desert landscape unlike anywhere else in California.

This workshop is a perfect spot for those photographers looking to work on composition and working on creating unique and original imagery. Joshua Tree National Park lacks many of the giant icons that locations like Yosemite or Grand Tetons National Park have. Working with professional instructors will help you make sense of the landscape and begin to understand how to make unique and effective images in this truly bizarre and wonderful terrain. If you're just a beginner, no problem, this workshop will provide you with beginning instruction in landscape photography, filter use, and of course night photography. What a great way to get acclimated with a wide variety of techniques and situations than to spend two intensive days in the desert with The Aperture Academy.

Intermediate or Beginner there's something for everyone in Joshua Tree National Park.

Grab those camera bags, and a healthy sense of adventure and prepare for day AND night photography in Joshua Tree National Park.

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