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American Southwest Photography Workshop

Note: Our Colorado and American Southwest workshops are back to back, so you can book both to extend your workshop experiences!

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American Southwest Photography Workshop

The great American Southwest is legendary, with a rich history and tales of romance and adventures like few other locations on earth. Some of us have only seen its remarkable terrain in the movies, or maybe you've been lucky to vacation in S.W. tourist areas and seen some of the amazing vistas in the nearby National Parks...but, there is so much more out there than people realize!

Have you ever wanted to get off the beaten path and see some of the most unique, rare and historic areas that legends have been made of? Have you wanted to do more than see the beauty from a distance, and instead, actually capture where these ancient peoples have walked and lived? You'll experience all this and more as we venture out into the deep red canyons of beautiful Utah and camp out under the stars! That's right, we'll spend two of our nights together camped in prime locations specially selected to maximize your experience in the Southwest. And if night photography is your thing, there is no more beautiful a place for night photography than the Desert Southwest. You will be guided and instructed to these remote and exclusive locations not only for great photography but also to learn about the mysteries of the Anasazi people.

Approximately 1100 years ago, the Colorado Plateau, also known as the Four Corners region, was inhabited by the Anasazi people who grew vast crops and built complex communities into the canyon walls. What happened to the Anasazi is shrouded in mystery, yet many of their dwellings and rock art still remain, and some in such pristine condition that you can almost feel the presence of those who made their lives there.

This extreme workshop focuses on the history and exploration of some of the most pristine photographic Anasazi ruins, landscapes, petroglyphs, and pictographs of the southwest. Many of these locations are far off any paved roads and are not found on any maps. We will travel by 4-wheel drive, then when the road ends, we'll hike into the canyons to explore and photograph some of these amazing locations. The sights and scenery you will see will stay in your memory for life! We'll return to camp each day for a camp-cooked meal and camaraderie by the campfire!

Join us as we go beyond the typical tourist experience and venture off-road and into the past for an extreme adventure you will not soon forget!

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