Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Workshop | September 22nd, 2021

Grand Teton Landscape and Wildlife Workshop - September 22nd, 2021

Grand Teton Photography Workshop Students

Grand Teton National Park is a place like no other. It offers something for everyone. Its jagged peaks and winding rivers create a landscape like no other and if that weren’t enough there is a large diversity of wildlife too!

We started off the workshop with a sunrise shoot at a beautiful overlook that faces the Grand Teton Range. The clouds were in our favor and our group captured some beautiful morning light with some fog at the base of the mountains. After sunrise, we conducted a game drive in search of wildlife. Luck was on our side this morning as we spotted a family of moose. The group got some great shots of the bull and even captured him crossing a small creek. As we continued our drive, we stopped to photograph a small group of horses in the morning light. Our final stop of the morning was a small cabin nestled on the edge of a large meadow with a view of the Grand Teton Range.

We started the second portion of our day photographing a large herd of beautiful horses that were galloping through a meadow. We continued our drive through Grand Teton in search of wildlife. In the far reaches of our drive, we spotted a herd of bison and another group of beautiful horses. The group got some great shots in the late evening light, and to wrap things up we found a small group of elk and a very comfortable beaver. It was a fun day!

Day 2

The following morning we shot a beautiful sunrise over the Snake River with Mount Moran in the background. It was the perfect start to our day. After sunrise, we took a short bathroom break and found a group of otters fishing underneath the Jackson Lake Dam. During the second portion of our day, we spotted a black bear eating hawthorn berries alongside the road. We continued our day with a game drive that landed us at a herd of elk in a meadow. As the elk disappeared into the woods, a very large bull moose showed up just before sunset to pose for our group!

Day 3

For our last sunrise together, we photographed some of the area's most famous barns. After sunrise, we were treated to another bull moose to photograph. The group got some great shots before we took our mid-day break, where we spent some time going over some post-processing techniques to ensure everyone got the most out of their shots. After our post-processing session, we headed out for one more game drive. During our last sunset together we captured a herd of pronghorn and some bison with a beautiful sunset in the background. It was the perfect ending to our workshop!

Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite Aperture Academy workshops and we had exceptional luck with weather and wildlife this time around. I can’t wait for the next year!

Until next time,

Mike and the rest of the Aperture Academy Team!

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