Aperture Academy Instructor: Aron Cooperman

The Aperture Academy Instructor: Aron Cooperman

Aron is an Aperture Academy instructor specializing in landscape photograhy. A sample of his work is posted below, and you can learn more about him by reading his bio. If you'd like to know more, or follow his work, check out the links at the end of his bio.










About Aron Cooperman

Aron Cooperman is a passionate photographer whose exposure to the camera goes back to his father, a successful director of cinematography in Hollywood. While he never formally studied photography Aron has sought out advice and mentorship from some of the industry best in the fields of landscape, portraits, music and journalism photography as a way to constantly develop new ideas, skills and techniques.

Aron believes that shooting what you are passionate about and what drives you will always produce the best photography. For Aron, it was the outdoors, nature and landscapes. Additionally, his passion for music brought him into the realm of live music and event photography. Currently, Aron is the house photographer at San Jose Civic. He has photographed musical icons such as Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne and Morrisey. He has also covered numerous events and festivals as a photographer for multiple print media sources.

Aron believes in story painted through photography and photographing people doing what they love. This has led him to work in portraiture, wedding, family, macro, and animal photography.

His passion for photography extends challenging his own skills to nurturing others. He excels in creative vision and composition. He has led many workshop groups and frequently participates in online forums with fellow photographers.

Aron currently resides in San Jose with his wife, and their collection of four legged kids… two Australian Kelpie cattle dogs and two American Paint Horses.

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