Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop - Holiday Edition 

(This workshop is limited to 8 students)

In order to prepare you for those holiday and family photography moments, we've created this special edition, natural light portrait class.

We'll show you some fun techniques for creating dazzling portraits utilizing not only natural light, but those cool holiday lights too!

Working with our professional portrait photography instructors, we will guide you step by step through the process and teach you how to bring out the best in your natural light portrait photos. Learn how to pose your subjects, choose pleasing backgrounds and avoid harsh shadows.

Topics covered:

  • Pose subjects in attractive ways
  • Find the right light for perfect exposures
  • Fun techniques working with holiday lights
  • Find pleasing and complementary backgrounds
  • Interacting with you subject for more candid moments
  • 1 hour of post processing tips and tricks in Adobe Lightroom

This class starts with a 30-minute session covering camera and compositional basics, and their relation to portrait photography.

Then we move outside with our models for approximately 2 hours of real time shooting scenarios and poses.

After a one-hour lunch break, our class will conclude with a 1-hour of post processing tips and technique in our fully equipped classroom, using Adobe Lightroom®.

Examples of Portrait photographs taken on this workshop:

Equipment To Bring

DSLR Camera

Optional: A DSLR camera will give you full power and creative control to get the most out of your learning experience on this workshop. However, if you have a point-and-shoot camera there is still a lot to learn on this workshop such as composition, lighting and more!

Buying Guide:

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